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Children's Computer Corner provides an outstanding enrichment program in early childhood technology. We bring our services, complete with all equipment, to preschools, daycares, and elementary schools in Seattle, King, and Snohomish counties. Children from 3 to 7 years of age have enjoyed our program as a special activity of their day since 2007.
Incorporating STEAM objectives, we offer a complete year-round curriculum. We also customize classes to meet the needs of the schools we serve, including after-school enrichment classes and special summer robotics camps. In addition to basic computer skills, we teach coding and robotics classes. Children experience a positive learning environment as they grow in confidence and skill, and parents are kept informed through regular newsletters. Our school-year program is outlined below.


Use of the mouse and keyboard continues as an important skill in current educational settings. We have carefully selected educational software that will engage the children in fun, interactive activities which reinforce basic skills such as counting, simple math, color identification, and matching. The software progressively leads them into more complex problem-solving stories, using teamwork to predict outcomes and solve mysteries. The children also build their vocabulary in learning the parts of the computer and their uses. 

Touch Screens


In addition to the laptop, children enjoy the flexibility of touch screen tablets as a significant part of their technology training. With colorful age-appropriate apps, they engage in solving puzzles, mazes, and logical thinking activities which build a strong foundation for coding. Children are grouped according to their age or ability to grasp the concepts presented. Those developmentally ready will learn to create their own programs with the popular coding app, ScratchJr.

Robotics and Coding


Coding, or programming, is the new literacy in education. We introduce basic coding principles beginning with STEM toys such as Code-a-Pillar, Robot Mouse, and carefully selected coding apps. Later on, we introduce KIBO - a little modular robot from KinderLab Robotics.

Children develop the skills of order, sequencing, and logical progression as they build programs with the robots and on their tablets. When ready, they will learn how to program in ScratchJr as well as enjoy the fun of coding with KIBO the robot. Our goal is to have each child successfully experiences the joy of coding as a part of their natural curiosity in exploring the world around them.

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